ForceFree is a standard of practice and ethics.

It is a belief that every animal including our pets should have the basic rights to live without unnecessary

fear and pain. And as sentient beings, have the right of choice.

It is up to all animal care professionals to follow modern understanding of behavioral science in the support of these rights.

An informed community is a strong community.

To help safegaurd our communities' pets from aversive and unethical treatment.

Recognizing businesses in our community that practice Force Free and help to inform their customers of the advantages of Positive reinforcement.

Helping Oregon in the choice to be +


Build and maintain a comprehensive living directory of force-free pet professionals

Community education and outreach through events, targeted campaigns, and coalition-building

Unite pet professionals to advance force-free principles in all pet industries and in local, state, and federal legislation


Working with Force Free organizations across the country to create county /state legislative bill drafts and seek legislator sponsorship.

By researching, collecting, and creating informational resources for Oregon pet owners and professionals to better understand modern training and handling methods.

Connecting Animal Care Professionals from varying fields to protect Oregons' pets from unnecessary harm and fear in the currently unregulated area of companion animal training.

Bringing awareness to our communities of the harm caused by the "Balanced"  and "Pack" type of training trend that utilizes choke, prong and shock collars on companion animals.