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Force Free Oregon blog


Force Free Oregon blog

Dateline November 1 2019

Force Free Oregon is now LIVE!

As we continue to add force free animal care professionals to our directory and put the final touches on our web presence, we invite you to have a look around.

Uniting Pet Professionals to Improve Animal Welfare an in-depth examination

of our goals and the reasons why FFO was



Dateline: October 10 2019

Australia passes groundbreaking animal welfare law requiring Dog owners to walk their dogs daily!

Link to Law - Australian Government site


Balanced Dog Training:

There’s Nothing “Balanced” About It.

A very poignant blog post by World renowned Dog trainer and author on the reality of a trend in aversive training methods.


Tons of amazing resources from a

psychology point of view including a comprehensive list of the dog training studies

Zazie Todd, PhD

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