Does your business, shelter or rescue practice force free and fear free

handling of pets?

Are you a dog owner and care for your dog in a fear / force free type of relationship?

Do you use modern understanding of animal behavior guidelines in working without the use of fear, pain nor, intimidation techniques in

handling / raising / caring for pets?

Does your business refuse to sell or promote aversive training tools?

ie: choke, prong / pinch, shock collars.

You are not alone!





I / We stand with modern behavioral science and the Positive Reinforcment based animal care community.

Thousands of Veterinarians, Vet Technicians,

Behavioral Scientists, Internationally recognized Animal shelters, Canine Training Certification Councils, Trainers and Behavior Consultants all stand with me.

I / We vow to neither sell nor promote the use or sale of aversive training tools / collars.  If I / We are presented with an opportunity to help inform customers / clients /random humans on the benefits of harnesses or training, I / We will try to do so.

I / We agree to read the Force Free Oregon drafted Bill that will be presented to state legislators once finalized in the hope and interest of adding my signature to the list of supporting Oregonians.

I / We will make concious efforts to support local animal care businesses that hold humane /  ethical standards on the products / services they offer. I / We will try to refrain from giving my money / time to businesses that sell or promote the sale or use of aversive training collars / tools or "trainers" who may use these tools   If I am presented with the opportunity to help inform the business owners on the benefits of discontinued sale and/or use of these tools, I will try and do so. SAFELY!


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